Product Details

1. The Best in Korean Education, KLaSS 

As interest in Korean Wave content increases, Korean language interest is also exploding + Among Korean EduTech programs, a world-class interactive class

2. Characteristics

Top-class smart learning

  • Class that uses cutting-edge electronic smartboards and tablet PCs
  • 580 various multimedia examples and videos included

Reinforces the four language learning skills

  • Real-time interactive classes break from traditional learning
  • Beginner 1 – Intermediate 2 includes 80 classes with lessons in speaking, reading, listening, and writing

Concentration and fun, All-In-One

  • Learning is made fun through game-styled quizzes and voice/video recordings
  • Maximum student immersion through real-time learning checks

Reinforcement of lecturing ability

  • No prerequisites needed, as skill is scaled by the selected lecturer (with Korean instructors)
  • Pronunciation, grammar, writing, etc. are all implemented through high-quality classes (with local instructors)

3. KLaSS Composition

Smart Board 1, PC 1, 15 Smart Pads, AP, Charger Box

4. KLaSS Composition and Attributes

Learning Results Saved Separately
Convenient Interface
Easy and Simple Updates
No Class Loading Required
No Time or Space Limit

5. KLaSS Course Program Features

The teaching abilities of teachers are upwardly leveled with Korean language education through platforms.
Everyone enjoys studying with activity/quiz cards provided for each chapter.
Various activities are conducted without separate course materials.
Activities provide a more efficient course preparation for teachers.
Activities are composed to naturally induce participation of students and for better immersion.
This is a platform to which new teachers can easily adapt.

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Contact Person : Alice Kim