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korea red ginseng extract stick!
Taking it a dose of red ginseng each every with your family
Send your mind to people who is precious for you and who you want to thank.
Take one stick of red ginseng per a day
Take a dose per a day conveniently!
Rip its package and take it immediately.
No need to use a spoon~ Have ginseng easily and cleanly~
It’s easy to cary.
It helps you to have it easily.
Rip its package easily and drink it directly or enjoy it as a tea mixing with hot water.
Only contained selected 6-year old korean red ginseng.
Full of nutrients putting high quality of six-year old red ginseng.
The reason you need to chosse Six Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Extract!

  • It’s easy to keep and carry. You can have it anytime and anywhere.
  • Only used selected six-year old red ginseng!

When ginseng became six-year old, its rate of saponin is the highest.
Six Year Old Korean Red Ginseng Extract Stick only produced using six-year old red ginseng.
Contain koean supplementary materials.
Improve its taste by adding korean supplementary ingredients.
Improved its taste by adding honey and tangerine extract.

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