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[ What is Volume Booster
: Hair root strengthening LED Scalp Therapy Device for Anti Hair Loss
Volume Booster is a scalp home-care device that adds special electro-poration function to LED therapy technology among trendy home care beauty devices.

1) LED Therapy
Volume booster is available for customized care for scalp troubles with three LED lights and near infrared rays.

  • RED LED : 600~700mm / Root elasticity reinforcement
  • BLUE LED : 405~415mm / Sensitive scalp sedation
  • RED+BLUE LED : 800~900mm / Complex care 2) Electroporation
  • It is a method of instantly applying electrical pulses to the surface of the skin to create a hole where molecular units can penetrate and push nutrients into it.
  • In other words, it is a technology that maximizes the absorption of active ingredients of cosmetics and expects a higher absorption rate than when applying ample with hand. 3) Micro Vibration
  • 9,000 micro-vibrations per minute!
  • Three vibrating wavelength modes: RED, BLUE, and GREEN stimulate the scalp to provide massage effects around the hair follicle. 4) How To Use
  • one day / one time / ten minutes

STEP 1. Apply hair loss ample or scalp nutrient (ample) to clean scalp.
(Please apply ampoule or scalp nutraceuticals and use them.)

STEP 2. Press the power button to activate the volume booster.
(Turn on the power / Select the LED mode / Vibration mode on/off)

STEP 3. Three features are available simultaneously.
After attaching the scalp contact head to the scalp, slowly massage the troubled area for 3 to 4 minutes and evenly absorb the ampoule with the electrophoresis function.

5) Product specification

  • 40mm200mm60mm, 310g
  • 33.7V, 600mAh
  • Made in KOREA
  • USB charging port (Wireless available)
  • Components: Device, User’s Manual (Korean), Storage Pouch, USB Charging Line 6) precautions for use
  1. Adapt from weak strength on first use and gradually increase strength.
  2. Do not use anything on your scalp or apply water.
  3. Be sure to apply ampoules, etc.
  4. Remove all precious metals before use.
  5. Do not massage quickly. Massage slowly so that the cosmetics are absorbed sufficiently.
  6. Discontinue use if redness, itching, or purulent inflammation appear on the scalp during use.
  7. Because of individual differences, electrical stimulation may feel painful.
  8. Do not use if you are sensitive to the scalp as it will double the irritation.
  9. Keep out of reach of infants and children, and do not allow children to play with the product. 7) Brand Issue
  • 2019.SEP/ OCT
    Featured in the beauty category of the LA TIMES Asia Journal Main
    “Safe Scalp Care Appliance, Volume Booster”

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