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It is a jelly stick enabling you to consume dietary fiber, red ginseng and 7 kinds of berries at once.

** 100% 6-year-old Korean Red ginseng concentrate 510mg

:#1. Enhanced level of immunity and relief of fatigue :

It reduces the content of glycogen, the source of energy stored in muscles or the liver, to help recover from fatigue.

#2. Improved blood flow and antioxidation :

Red ginseng helps control cohesion of blood platelet to facilitate blood circulation.

** Dietary fiber 2500mg

: Dietary fiber known as the sixth nutrient is cited as one of essential nutrients for contemporary people.

The same amount of dietary fiber contained in about 40 pieces of spinach in one stick of PICK-ME-UP.

** Cranberry concentrate 510mg

: #1. The main ingredient of cranberry proanthocyanidins:

Prevention of bladder infection/prostatitis, control of antibiotic resistance, antioxidation and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

#2. Cranberry’s anti-adhesion of harmful bacteria:

It prevents bacteria from being adhered inside the body

** Sevenberry concentrate 340mg

: As it includes seven berries as a subsidiary material in addition to cranberries, it neutralizes the bitter taste of red ginseng making it more tasteful.

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