Product Details

This is an ultra-low temperature freezer of -45 degrees.
The proper temperature is maintained to preserve the freshness of the freezer.
By maintaining constant -45 degrees, the cell changes in the materials stored in the freezer are inhibited.
Keep the ingredients fresh, so you can enjoy the best taste without worrying that long-term storage will spoil them.

*Characteristics of deep freezer: The temperature range of this freezer is between -30℃ ~ -50℃.
Products of room temperature (especially water and ice packs) cannot be used for freezing, and serve to store products that are already frozen.
This freezer displays the internal temperature in real time. If the contents of the high temperature are inserted, the temperature may increase temporarily, this is not a fault.

*Precautions for freezer Installation: Place 10cm of free space on the right and back sides when installing the freezer.
This freezer does not have an ON/OFF switch and will operate after 5 minutes with the cord plugged in.
After plugging in the freezer, use it after more than an hour and when enough temperature drops.

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