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PE/Glue free eco-friendly coated paper straws which increase the hours of using significantly compared to non-coated ones. We apply acrylic coating solution to inner and outer surface to prevent any type of liquid from being easily absorbed. No separation is needed after use but just throw along with nomal A4 papers so that it can be fully re-pulpable more than 99 percent under the current recycling treatment system.

  1. Applicable for Fizzy Drinks and Coffee Drinks
  • Normal non-coated paper straws generate lots of bubbles when putting into fizzy drinks. Our coated JUST PAPER STRAWs do not create bubbles with carbonated drinks such as coke, soda etc.
  • High water-and oil-resistance makes our straws possible to be used for various drinsks as well as coffee drinks containing milk fat.
  1. Superior Recyclability
  • The material used for coating is water-based acrylic agent that dessolves in normal A4 paper recycling process. No separation is needed. Compare to PE-coated product, the recyclability of our product is more than 99 percent.
  1. Eco-friendliness
    -Biodegradability is one of the characteristics of our paper straws, which ensures environment-friendly nature for lands and oceans.
    -Its high recyclability helps to improve regional resource circularity and decrease environmental pollutions.
  2. Non-toxic material to human body.
  • PE and Glue Free paper straws.
  • Passed the certification test for hygiene products from Korea Conformity Laboratories(KCL) and acquired Korean Eco-Label with acrylic coating solution used for our products.
  • Passed U.S. FDA tests (conducted by SGS)

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