Product Details

1.The function of a House&Bed
BANDAL.Pet’s NEW HOUD is a house with a roof, which can be used as a bed when you fold the roof.
The angle of the canopy can be adjusted by 30 degrees.

2.Effectively in the Summer
In summer, iy is hot inside the pet house.
However NEW HOUD can be used effectively in the summer.
you can use it as a bed by taking down the canopy and as a house that can be ventilated by opening the zipper of the canopy and then rolling up the fabric.

3.Easy to Clean
It can be used with confidence because it is made of waterproof and water-repellent materials. Even of pet make mistakes, please forgive them generously.

4.Movable pet house
You can easily carry it by using the handle at the bottom of the floor plate.
(handle color is subject to change)
Also, with a blet, you can move your pet house with your shoulder on it.

5.Used as a car seat
You can use it as a car seat. You are also allowed to use the NEW HOUD when you move somewhere with your pet.

  1. Sunbed for a picnic, House for a trip.
    A picnic and trip with your pet!
    Bandal.Pet’s NEW HOUD is used as a sunbed by the pet that used to play on a picnic, ans in unfamiliar travel places it bicomes a comfortable house.


  • When using the cover of the cushion as a washing machine put it in the net and wash it.
  • For the canopy’s front cap, folding will not allow recovery.
  • When connecting belts, make sure to check the connection method and manual.

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