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We sold the products as direct goods to customers with good materials, and improved the taste and quality of our products.
Using only the finest ground selected directly from 1990 with the insistence of ‘the taste of Kim is original’, you can feel fresh taste of crispy and delicious Kimchi by using only the freshly squeezed sesame oil and perilla oil There is.

In order to produce safe and hygienic products, all materials are backed up through rigorous inspection and maintenance, equipped with the latest sanitary facilities and all manufacturing process automation facilities

We think that it is the food that our family eats and we will do our best to supply the safest and delicious product to our customers.

  1. Carefully selected by pursuing only the best seaweed directly handpicked based on last standing know-how accumulated since 1990
  2. Traditional taste, the most advanced sanitation facilities and automated processes
  3. The taste of laver from raw ingredient for seaweeds, the traditional taste of premium Kwangcheon laver roasted twice
  4. Direct transactions only with consumers without distributors

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Company Name : KCWOORIGIM Co.,ltd
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Tel : +82 416424155
Contact Person : Ui Su Jun