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Misslee Korean Topokki Sauce

This powder sauce is developed in five levels of hot taste,“1 mild” to “5 fiery” with a wide range of choices

Misslee Korean Topokki sauce is the product that can produce the taste, as it is, which was awarded prizes in a domestic topokki cooking contest for two consecutive years.

This product boasts all the more clean, addictive taste when we have it more, because of manufacture with high-quality pepper.

This allows for fast cooking with water, sauce, and topokki materials alone, and is convenient to store because of its form of powder.

You can select a variety of tastes according to your preference and apply to various applied cuisines easily and conveniently because such tastes have been developed on a scale of 1 (mild) to 5 (fiery).

It also allows for the development and production of sauces that they want.

Selected ingredientsIt is a powder sauce with added high-quality red pepper powder and natural seasonings. You can enjoy simple but addictive taste different from that of liquid sauce made of red pepper paste and starch syrup.

Simple recipe and easy storageThis powder sauce allows you to make Topokki quickly only with water and Topokki ingredients. It is convenient to store.

Varied hotness levelsIt is available in 5 hotness levels of taste, ‘1 mild’ to ‘5 fiery’ with a variety of choices.

Convenient applicationYou can use the sauce not only in classic-style and soupy Topokki but also can make various kinds of dishes with it conveniently and easily.

OEM production Development and production of sauce desired by business owner are also available.

* How to cooktopokkieasily with TopokkiSauce



  1. Boiling water
  2. Adding sauce
  3. Adding rice cake
  4. Completion

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