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3-in-1 Facial Exclusive Beauty Device for both Home Care / Aesthetic Use

The R.face is a face exclusive beauty massager equipped with 0.5Mhz digital radio frequency and LED technology. It delivers RF energy to the skin dermis through the six electrodes with a digital vibration to activate the skin cells and promote collagen generation. The blue and red LED light helps skin tightening and calming respectively.

  1. RF function (0.5MHz / 10 steps)
    0.5Mhz high and focused Radio Frequency energy penetrates through the skin dermis to activate the collagen regeneration.
  2. LED wavelength (Red / Blue)
    2 different types of LED wave works differently for varying skin type. The Blue LED helps skin calming for the sensitive skin type, while the Red LED helps skin firming and regeneration of collagen.
  3. Vibration
    Dense digital vibration maximizes its stimulation and activation of skin cells. It promotes the effective delivery of RF energy.

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